Qingdao Haishu Squid Skill Analysis Fishing Tackle Network Configuration Bare Selection

Squid, because the head is very big, is known as \”big head\” by the fishing friends of Qingdao. There are more than a variety of squids in the world. The big head is one of them, and it is also called a spicy or Ming Taishi, a variant of the Atlantic squid. China’s squid resources are mainly distributed in the east of the Bohai, the yellow sea and the polar sea area in the north of the East China Sea.

The squid did not seem to be, but the famous arrived, one was a wide range of marine fish in the world, and the second is due to its nutrient, delicious, sweet and tender, white, delicious The enjoyment of a unique tip of the tongue is determined by many countries as the main edible fish species, and there is a \”dietary diet man\”. In addition, the squid is still a legendary fish species. Historically, in order to compete for squid resources, the British and Iceland have played a famous \”squid war\” for more than 20 years.

The squid is a prospect of marine fish, but because of overfishing, like other fish species, today is also in danger of resource failure. Despite this, now, in the Qingdao waters, the number, the big head, the most fish species is still difficult to say, can be said, want to achieve the dream of the explosion, and the fishing squid is still the best option.

The squid is a mid-range fish species in the ocean. The annual winter and spring season will travel to the sea from the land of the Qingda Water, the main fishing field is distributed in the Yellow Sea 92, 93, 94, 102, 103, etc. Occasionally can’t catch near the sea area, Dafu Island, etc., but it is very rare.

The fishing carp has a long history in Qingdao, but 10 years ago, running the sea fishing squid is mainly \”production boat\”. In recent years, due to the sharp decline in the near-sea fish resources, they also attract fishes in the sea. The sea fishing club and other organizes, the full-scale professional fishing boats have more convenience, so that the fishing friends have become the main army of fishing. The main weather allows almost every worship, there are ships to various sea fishing grounds. Go to the sea area, it has become the hottest sea fishing project in the Qingdao Sea Winter Spring Festival. However, the reasons for fishing friends love the squid are not only quantity, and more critical is their strength. Compared to the seafood of the six-line fish, the squid is generally large, and the three-5 pounds are common, the big more than 20 pounds, the power struggled after the hook is unbeatted, and it is very enjoyable.

The safety of fishing squid to the far-sea fishing is the first, the fishing boat is generally a professional fishing boat with 18-28 meters. In addition to the hull to be strong, the engine must be strong, and must be equipped with Beidou Navigator. Instruments such as probe and radar, even if it is not lost in the dark night, it is unimpeded.

At present, the mainstream fishing law of fishing squid in Qingdao is also called drifting fishing. Therefore, a high-quality ship owner with a sea fishing experience and the soldiers is the basic guarantee for the ideal catch. The reasons for the fishing friends have not only safety, more important, but they are all known, so the fish is general, especially the big fish, the captain is the most appeal of the fishing. A business card. But there is a hidden rule with the captain, that is, no matter what, especially fishing, as little as possible, only the door is fishing.

Fishing Tools

There are two models used in Qingdao fishing friends to pull the fishing tackles: handline + fishing rod, in the latter.

Wiring Fishing is an excellent historic fishing method. Due to the advantages of simple fishing, practical and sensitivity, it is still loved by some fishing friends. Fishing lines + electric strands in the past few years, in the Yuanhai tour, most fishing friends like this equipment to deal with the squid of the cow. Fishing rods are typically 2.1-2.7 meters, and 2 of the 2nd rods of 100-200. The winding wheel uses a tension value of 15 kilograms or more, the fishing line is 3-5 PE lines, the end passes GT A transparent carbon or nylon line of 1.0-1.5 meters is a lead wire, which can both protect the role, but also prevent the PE line from wrapping in the pole.

The handline and the ridge have various advantageous, because the draw is a quality inductive fishing method, the fish’s eating signal is directly transferred to the hand through the fishing line. Obviously, if you use a ridge, the signal is transmitted less, it will inevitably weaken, especially when the plots are long and soft. But the feelings and handlines in the scorpion are all different, and more intense irritation can make the process of the upper fish. In addition, if the \”+ odd\” is used, when you don’t want to force, you can lazy, especially when your physical strength is not born.

Fishing group

The fishing group is a very important factor for the left and right catch. There are many types of fishing groups that draw fishing squid, but can be roughly divided into two categories: double hook fishing group and string hook fishing group.

The double hook fishing group is used up to. Its structure is: 10 cm above the pendant, tied a hook through a night, gourd, and a large hook is tied to the night gourd. The upper and lower hooks are around 100 cm, such as turning the big head, use the No. 12 carbon line or No. 16 to the transparen nylon line, the pills can be left around 26-30, due to the season of fishing squid, Various fishing gears are often mixed with squid and six-wire fish, so most fishing friends will take squid and black fish. In the fishing group design, the hook is binded to the hook with a crude line, and the hook is tied to a slightly thin hook; the No. 6-8 line is 10 hooks to the top 20 hooks to facilitate smaller Sixth fish swallowed.

The big head is hosted, and the swimming layer has a large range, sometimes 2-3 meters from the bottom. When the swimming layer of the fish is high, the upper hook can be raised to the bottom 1.5 m, and the subline is extended to 1.2 meters.

hooks the hook fishing group, put a hook above the fall, then hook each 80 cm, tie 2-3, the subline is 70 cm. This kind of fishing group is not used, but it is very advantageous when the fish is very fierce, and sometimes it can achieve \”one arrow\”. Of course, the hooks are more easy to disconnect, so the shelf wire and the subline cannot be too thin, and it is necessary to pay special attention to the operation. The fishing group should not be too fast.

Leap pendant: Yuanhai Fishing is generally a multi-person with ship to prevent chaos, it is best to unify the weight of the lead, with the highest of half of the two sizes and six or two.

In order to increase the strength of the bait, it is best to use the copper tube instead of the line.

Head is a typical food, not only very picky. Most sea fishing bazails can be used to catch a big head, but the current Qingdao fishing friends have more: sea intestines, squid or striped fish cuts, small baba fish. Single from quality, the better the nature, the better, and the bait not frozen is not frozen, such as the sausage and eightaf fish, even if you can still buy it in winter, it is best to buy now. The careful fishing friends have repeatedly done comparison, and the fresh bait is more favored by fish than the frozen bait.

The volume of the bait can also determine the size of the catch, the big fish, the bait should be properly increased, and a hook hangs a whole sea intestine and a squid cut, is a master fishing The mystery of the big fish is not a trick.


The fishing method is a direct symptom fishing method, so it is important to find fish export signals in time. Therefore, it must not leave the hand. In order to prevent subline and shelf line, it is best to turn out a few meters when the fishing group is in water, and appropriately controls the water speed. After the fall is on, it can be mentioned around 10-20 centimeters, then intermittently, the funny bite, when the fishing point of the flat reef, the bottomless fishing point, the transform is not too large, lead Pending the water and walking. However, in the shipwreck, especially the large depth of fall, there is a serious fishing spot, sometimes the population is large, and even the distance from 1 to 3 meters. \”Pheatering ‘funly is the door to learn, should have a sense of suppression, and thousands will be very easy to cause the alert of the fish, and the bait will have a call, and even\” can’t eat it \”.\”

The squid is more Most of the time is a bait. But in some cases, especially when the sea flow is not very strong, the fishing team is set is very sensitive, and the \”test\” action will also be perceived. How to distinguish whether the fish is biting It is, you can grasp the moment, mainly by experience, this needs to be slowly accumulated in the long-term sea fishing test.

The squid is thick, the movement is not only big, but also powerful May have been launched. The squid is very embarrassing. When it is found to be caught, it will take the strategy of active \”bait\”. It feels suddenly, think is the fish runs until it is close to the surface, so, when After the fishing line suddenly became light, it should be accelerated in time, and it is easy to fell lightly. Otherwise, it is easy to let the ducks to fly away.

Cod to 3-5 pounds, on the fish I caught the shelf line, one hand grabbed the shelf, and flew the fish on the deck. But more than 5 pounds, it is best to use the net or scraping.

Fishing time

The grasp of the fishing time is as important as fishing. It is one of the key factors for the left and right catch. The far-sea fishing, the determination of fishing time: There are two principles: the sky, the sea. The so-called sky, \”means Don’t have too much wind, wind is not exceeding 5, especially south to wind, wind big wave, wave high is more than 1.2 meters, boat is bumpy, very uncomfortable is not safe. The so-called sea is suitable, With small tide period: 即 农 6 to 11, 21 to twenty-seven, the sea is suitable. Tash is sometimes caught, but the fish of the fish is not as good as the small tide, \”on the son\” will be more difficult, especially When the peak is counterflow, sometimes it will be very hard.

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