Wolving how to play with a routine

In the last three or four years, the author is very obsessed with the war, because it is often possible, it will not be able to fish quickly. Toxic addiction is difficult, most are playing at night! The nippled fish has a distinct time in different time periods. Now, in the summer, the author also summarizes some of the experience of Lu Xiaoji, and sharing these fishing piazzles today to everyone, I hope that the fishing friends like! First, the selection is watching the video to combine itself, the author has a fierce apex, and the strong attack power, and their prey trajectory is generally from underwater or from the bait side of the bait Head attack. Fishing in the reservoir, the author is often used to using shallow subpolyfolia to jail, and when the water level of the reservoir declines, this approach is frequent. After many attempts, when Into the water, I used a wave climbing road is not bad.

Wolving how to play with a routine

Two, night fishing This is one of everyone who loves to play in the summer, not only does not delay the time of work, but also happy, why not? However, The author stated that it is generally carried out by the road of Yashangfa, and the author is generally carried out before the darkness in the evening. The author is generally early! Summer fishing, people can’t ignore high temperatures, when the sun falls into the horizon, the water temperature will slowly fall. At this time, many fish in the water will be foraging on the shore, and there is no exception. Lureji, everyone must know that they are specific to the place, so it is better to determine the fishing point. Fishing in different reservoirs, because the waters are different, the place where the nose is shore is different, they are cautious, the larger the individual, the more far, the quiet environment, also provide good habitats!

Third, the ruling of the rods has recently been in the battle. The author specially selected the same fishing point. After a few days later, the author found that he was in the water. The next activity is very regular. The time in which they hook is generally concentrated, after crazy biting, will gradually recover! Another point is that there is a group of habits of the fishing fish. In the same location, it is often an individual’s general fish first attack feeding, and then slowly add less. The reservoir fishing, everyone should pay attention to the different fish species, when another fish infringes their own territory, it is possible that the fishing friends can’t catch the target fish, and the road is joyful. If you are late or not on the fish or there are other fish species, everyone either replacement or continues to fish, in addition to this, don’t have him! Wolving how to play with a routine

Unconsciously, the author has been fishing for seven or eight years. From the beginning, I don’t understand anything, I will slowly summarize some fishing tips, the author is still very A sense of accomplishment. After Lurehi, the author discovered that winter’s nose is more likely to survive, and they are different, and in the summer, their lifestyle changes, the bigger the individual, the more it is not easy to get together! This may be related to their prenatal habits, and the nose is weak during the childhood, and it has to be gathered together. After they are slowly greater, the prey skills continue to improve, they will not squeeze together, this aspect From a certain extent, affecting the wild fishing fishing of the fisherman! When I said, the author suddenly didn’t say anything, I hope that the majority of fishing friends can learn more fishing skills after seeing the author! Today, Lurehi’s tips will first share so much. Thanks to the majority of fishing friends to take out time to view the author’s article, I wish you all a good harvest every time!

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