How to choose Lurera (on)

I have been in contact with Lu sub-fishing more than 5 years. I just started to go to wild play with most fishing friends. My friend has a professional, then he often let me see him throw, and then let me hold the fish in one hand in one hand. Press his requirements. I remember that the first catch in my life is a small horse mouth. I only feel that the road in the road is gently pulled. Then I will rush the speed, then look at the silver fish. Slowly close to me from the water. At that time, I didn’t think of the bait, just a silver small piece and the hook could catch the fish. The feeling of this moment is too amazing.

How to choose Lurera (on)

After I took a photo of this fish, I put the fish back to my own home under the request of my friends. This is also my first time I have exposed to fish. After letting flow, it feels that this way is really a feeling, since then, I love it to the road sub-fishing law. In the next few times, my friend bought my first road sub-equipment with my fishing gear shop at home, and then I joined the big family of Danshan!

As a fishing friend who played with Danshui, I am looking at more and more young fishing friends to join the Luja army. Seeing them as the same time, it is also carrying a road subporation, holding his beloved fishing rod, walking next to the beautiful mountain of the beautiful mountain, enjoying nature, the most critical It is a group of environmental protection concepts that will be played with this group of people. Instantly feel the content, concept, concept, concept, and a little contribution to the environmental career.

I later saw in the Phishing House Forum, there are many newcomers who have encountered some doubts when they set up equipment. For example, they don’t know what type of fishing rod that will be started to get in touch with the road. I don’t know what kind of fishing lines and fishing wheels … Today, we will simply talk about it, how to buy a set Suitable for yourself asian equipment. Of course, the following is purely personal, if you don’t, please include it.

How to choose Lurera (on) Purchase Premise:

Does your surrounding Waters? (The squid, squid, grass carp, etc., is not an attacking fish species)

2 Does these waters have Lure’s object fish?

3 Do you often have time to travel around?

These premise must be clear, we are not disconnected to the fishing gear shop, blindly say that I want to play Lure fishing law, you can help me choose 1,000 yuan, I want to say: Big Brother, you What is going to catch? What is fishing? Not all equipment is measuring it.

Simple, the friends of the beginner Lure fishing is best to choose a set of lightweight short-range rings, one is the price of the people, the second is to operate easy to get hands, light two plug Macou Road Aquari is the best in a small textile wheel. The horse is a soft tone, and the hoe is relatively soft and the soft sensitivity is high, and the feeling of midfish is also good.

Small spinning wheel weight is light and easier to play. When you first get started, some people teach you a few times of use skills, and then throw a few times. Regarding the advantages of not suitable for new hands and short roads, as well as the type of bait suitable for this type, we will continue to explain to the fishing friends in the next road subquerice, please continue to pay attention DIAOYU123 website update.

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