The most commonly used sequential bait species and profile in Lu sub-fishing law

From the shape, the sequins can be divided into slanted sequins, spoonful sequins, willow sequins, rotating sequins, composite sequins, etc., these sequins are also the most commonly used in fishing friends. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of fishing gear, the shape of the sequins is constantly improving, and various shapes are endless. Subprint development has gradually become diversified.

First, the shape distinguishes The most commonly used sequential bait species and profile in Lu sub-fishing law

1. Slave sequins. The slurry is thin, and the weight is heavy, and it is a typical center of gravity. Slim sequins showed a \”S\”-shaped line travel in the water. This sequin is the preferred long-proof bait, and its oblique surface generally has a laser reflective film, the tail hook is hanging a feather pendant or a red heart pendant, which can increase the swing amplitude in the water, which also enhances the softness of the poison. Softness and nature Degree, induce the effect will be more prominent. Many oblique sequins will be further improved in design, designing the front end into a curved shape. This sequins will be pulled flat in the water, so that the sequins can make a slower action in the water, extending in the water. Time, thereby increasing the probability of being discovered by the object. This improvement sequin is a super-lateral that everyone is often said.

2. Spoonful sequins. The traditional scoop is like a small spoon we have to eat, and the biography is because people see the spoon fell into the lake, they are tightly chased by the meat fish, so the spoon is the older. One feeding one. Spoon-shaped sequins in the water showing the swimming landscape, rotating or topping. Spoon-shaped sequins is exaggerated than oblique sequins, and the stimulation of fish is also greater. This feeding can be achieved by the effect of entering the water, that is, what we said. Its disadvantage is that the long-term performance is not as suggested. In order to make up for this lack, the current spoon is also integrated into the design concept of the lateral sequins, making the spoon of the center of gravity, and increases the bottom reflective pattern. Such a design is actually an increase in weight at the bottom of the sequin, making it more prominent. The most common spoonful sequins are classic style such as snakes, hologram.

3. Liu Yequer. The appearance of Liu Ye is like a willow, a sauce, and the entire sequined piece has two bends, the line curve is very beautiful, the swimming lanyed in the water is mainly rotating and left and right. It is characterized by the high image of the bait fled in the water, which has great temptation to the target fish. This kind of sequential reflective angle is excellent, is a road subarace and squid, which can be said that the fierce fish meets, so such sequins can also be used to enter the water. Since this sequin is slightly large, the wind resistance is not small, so it is not conducive to far. The most prominent representative of this sequery film is leeches, and the leeches are also aggravated on the tail, and the problem of far-reaching is overcome from a certain extent.

4. Rotating sequins. Rotating sequins is a small combined sequin, which is lifted by a hollow lead, and then with one or two willow knife or a drip-shaped ultra-thin sequins as a reflective source. Such sequins exhibited underwater sequins are high speed rotation of reflective sequins to attract attention to the object fish. Due to the large wind resistance, it is not conducive to far.

5. Composite sequins. The composite sequins is also the upgraded version of the rotating sequins. This sequin has a wind-wrapped effect, triggering fluctuations in the water, also generating light refraction, sounding, these factors will become the condition of the fish. This sequin is more suitable for road subrid or squid, of course, sometimes it can be used in bright water. The tail hook of the composite sequins can be hung on the roll or T tail insect. It can effectively avoid the bait hook. This can greatly extend the residence time of the feeding in the water, which is convenient for the fishman to perform more detailed searches.

Second, the weight distinguishing

Differentiate according to weight, the sequins can be divided into heavy sequins, medium sequins, and light sequins. The sequins are the best premoratory bait, while long-distance throwing can effectively increase the search range, or the location where some prefained bait cannot be reached. Therefore, under the weight of the, the hetero, the more the sequins will be thrown away. At the same closed line speed, the more the sequins is, the closer to the water body, the more the sequins, the closer the bottom layer.

1. Heavy sequins. For Danhui Luya, 15 grams of sequins can be returned to heavy sequins, although some sequins can reach 28 grams or even more than 30 grams, but in Danshui Luya, it is more than 15 grams of sequins, because These sequins are sufficient to respond to far. Although the number of gals, although there is no problem, it is too heavy, it is easy to hung after entering the water, so it is necessary to hook the end, so it is required to be quick. So, this sequential is not suitable for fishing in the shallow water area. In addition, when using these heavy sequins, if the lead wire is not installed at the front end of the PE line, it is easy to \”shoot\”.

2. Medium sequins. Medium sequins refer to 7 ~ 10 grams of sequins, such sequins weight, size, is our most common sequins. The utility model of medium sequins is the highest, because 10 grams of sequins are easier to match the rod, round, line, as long as it is reasonable, it can also throw to 50 meters, basically cover all the waters of the shore fishing. Due to the moderate medium sequential weight, you can do a long time in the water, familiar with the desperate fishing friends can also control the sequins to make the exercise of the jump to attract the object fish, all medium sequins are the preferred bait for freshwater fishing.

3. Light sequins. Light sequins refer to 5 grams of small sequins, this sequined size is small, lightweight, most suitable for use in various shoal fishing grounds, mainly for small objects, such as frozen, horses, small rhodes Class fish. Its most important advantage is that the adaptability is strong, which can be used in a variety of different environments. The most prominent representative of light sequins is a horsemou, which is specifically designed for maritime designs, which requires a relatively soft rock and exquisite microscopic wheel to achieve perfect throttle effect. The author usually uses the UL or L-tone of the 子 车 车 车 车 以下 线 线 线 线 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片Many fishing friends often stand in the center of the shoal to make up for the shortcomings of the throwing distance in order to pursue the feel.

Third, the matching is distinguished

According to the hooks of the sequins, it can be divided into single hook sequins and three hook sequins.

1. Single hook sequins. The tail of the single hook sequins is only hanging a normal single hook, mainly for the individual, non-high active, small open, small, and small number of other objects. The advantages of single hook sequins are palatable, especially to target fish capture, especially the individual target of the target fish, this sequential advantage will be more obvious, so we use the single hook sequins when we are in Lurema. In addition, we can often see such a situation: fish with the sequins, but it is not biting. This phenomenon shows that the fish is not active, even cautious, at this time, using a single hook sequin and wear some bait, it will make the sequins in the water in the water more flexible. Since the single hook sequin is better in port, it can effectively improve the price of the fish. There is another advantage of single hook sequins, that is, once the fish, as long as the hook is hard, the probability of runfish is small.

2. Three hooks. Three hooks are the most common also the most common sequins, which can be subdivided into single three hooks and double-three hooks. The tail of the three hook sequins is only hooked, and the double three hooks refers to the tail of the sequin and the middle hooks each hanging. In addition, there is a double-three hook sequins that the author’s own research and development, the current market has not yet appeared, but the effect is considerable, the two three hooks are hung on the ring of the sequins. The biggest advantage of this double-three hooks is to improve the probability of cadre, often see the sequins in the process of test fishing, a white shadow is going straight from the bottom of the water with a fast speed. , Draw a beautiful arc in the water. This white shadow is sometimes attacked from the oblique track of the sequins, sometimes directly attacking. When the author used a single three hook to fish, many times saw the fish successfully attacked the sequins, which may not hook. After adding a three hook at the front end circle of the sequin, everything has improved, and the hook rate of the fish is greatly improved. Some people may ask: Hook the hook to the front end of the sequins, will it affect the sequins in the water? It turns out that this fear is redundant, because the situation in the water, there is feasible that this is feasible.

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