The difference between road subquashi and spinning wheel

When choosing the wheel, the novice often swaying between the water droplet wheel and the spinning wheel, there is also a misunderstanding for these two awareness, often the cloud is also cloud, but later readers don’t have to suffer from choice .

The horizontal wheel (water drop wheel, drum) and the spinning wheel are used in the use, usually there are several misunderstandings for the awareness of these two rounds:

[ 123] 1, the new door is used to use the spin wheel, and the master uses the drum. 2, the bullet throwing the subjection is quasi-comparable to the spinning wheel. 3, the spinning wheel throws further.

For these questions, I talked to my personal opinion based on the roads that I came into contact with:

1, price Aspect, these two types of wheels have entry-level and advanced, no absolute expensive. 2, in shape, the shape of the bullet is more compact, 3, the difference in actual use, the difference is not in the newcomers and masters, but the environment used.

The same: the throwing distance is far from the distance, depending on the road sub-weight, shape, gravity transfer technology, the length, adjustability, line Material, thickness, elasticity, line cup – filled line of fullness, user’s throwing skills, etc.

The case is the same as the case: when the fishing hand is used from left to the middle or from the right to the middle, no matter which type of wheel, because there is one Use the finger before pressing the line (the spinning wheel with the forefinger, the bullet with the thumb), then put it on the moment to release the wire in front of the moment, so it is commonly used from the right to the front of the front, the target, goal It is the road as a front, and Lure is shining. It will be on the right, and the fall of Luya will rely on the right. It will be too late to let go, Lure’s fall, it will be left. Very good experience in tipping skills can be thrown forward.

The accuracy of the throttling is different: the use of the top throwing method (that is, after the top of the top, the rebound once again passed the top, and the road sub-front), Lure has always been flying forward. It is assumed that the flight is three points in the order. The spinning wheel should make the way to stop the road. Hand’s index finger out, top online cup. Both methods are not easy to let Lu Ascens to stop in any point in ABC, because these two methods are to stop Lu Asia, not good control, but Luren’s fall in points can also be bonded to. Because the drum is friction on the cup with the thumb, it can make Luren have a deceleration process in the air. Finally, in a stop cup, Lure can accurately stop any point in ABC, easy to control .

When using the hand, it is best to take it: this is the best at the bullet. The premise is that the position of the people stands is best higher than the water, such as the abroad, standing on the boat, on the shore. Looking for something foot, at this time, I used it to take Lure, and the hand-held thumb control line cup, the tip will pick up the road from the bottom, and Lure began to fly the front, then the thumb Control allows Lure in any point in any of its flight, this is also the most accurate situation of using bullets, and the master will take Lure into a small cup from 10 meters away, and start It is difficult to control the fall of Lu Asia, the cause and the top throwing method.

Different: 1, the spin wheel is a spiral outline, when the wire is closed, the tension of the fish is adjacent 90 degrees between the rotation of the tension of the wire, so The effort is not as good as the tap. However, after the big fish, the leakers were completely locked, and the fish also continued to go to the outer rush, and it can be used to rub the wire with a large fish cleaning. The dunel is directly closed, the back is greater than the spin wheel, often used in large Bass in the fishing obstacle area, strongly recovered, avoiding the depths of the fish to the obstacle, but bullets are in the middle The lever is completely locked, and the fish continues to go to the outside of the arm, and the power of the thumb cannot be used to press the stop cup. 2, in the matching of the ribbon on the road, the drum is suitable for the road subquers, which is too light, it is not easy to throw away, and it is easy to fried and fried, and the spin wheel is light. The heavy roads can match, but they have to mention the previously confused issues. We often see the TV and magazine’s professional players open the boat fishing road. , There is a spinning wheel, I used to think that it is for convenience, avoiding frequent unlocking to change Lure, but recently I know from Japanese magazine, it is not just convenient, and even Japan Professional players also have the same person in the game at the same time, that is, Luka, sequins, La Baggug, etc. A relatively light cascade.

3, the mix of the wheel and the line: Friends tell me, when you can’t use the freshwater bass in Japan, everyone uses the nylon line, no one uses PE The line is on the freshwater bullet, because the PE line is pulled by force, such as in the middle of the fish or hook, the coil surface layer will be invaded into the entire coil, resulting in the back of the back. Powder or even put a gun (Lurefei in air disconnection). The nylon wire is hardly happening because there is ductility. 4, use the left hand or right hand? This question is to see personal habits, there is no absolute advantage, the Asia’s first road, Mr. Village, Japan, the right hand is thrown, then exchange to the left hand, then use the right hand shake the wheel, but When he used the spin wheel, he took the right hand, and did not change his hand after thrown.

5, the number of sea fishing is fishing on board, and the textile wheel has now produced to the 20000 model, and it is very cumbersome, and it cannot be a whole, and Many times, 器 上 上 上 上 或 亚 亚 亚 放 放 放 顺 放 放 里 里 放 水 放 水 水 到 到 放 水 到 到 到 到 到 到 水 水 水 水

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