Road bait detailed introduction

First introduced MINNOW (squid-type road sub), this is a must-choose product of a novice, because its 耒 耒 is very easy, after thrilling, only regular recycling can see obvious effects For newcomers who have just gotten, it is very easy to hold Luia. Of course, some special MinNOW is required to be presented.

1, YO-ZURI L-MinNow

This road is a Japanese brand Yo-zuri, Size has a large 75mm, 45mm, 35mm 3 size, weight: The large 7 g of 4.5g small 3.5g. It belongs to the small minnow of Sinking. Because its exterior is relatively short and small, the author and most fishing friends like \”small peas\”. The price education of this brand is a good quality, which is very suitable for a good companion that accompany you.

Due to the short-term design of the L-MinNow’s exterior design, it is generally used in beginners. The main object of fish species is black squats, squid, blue knife, Luo Fei, etc. I like to prey of fine fish meat and misstant fish. Among them, black bars and waists like this kind of minnow. Use this Minnow’s minimum size KZE to 10 pounds of left and right sea bass numbers. This can explain that its use is not limited to use in fresh water, and sea water can also be. But if you use it on the sea, you should pay attention to replace the hook, because this road subordinate hook is a small hook of Mustad, the strength is not high, if you meet your guys, the hook is easily The possibility is very large.

Everyone must know due to the design and weight of the road. Everyone knows that it is a small and light way. How to configure it on the fishing group is the best in the box, because it is small and light, so in the online, the online general line will generally choose the fine main line, the range is 4LB ~ 8LB lines are most ideal. As for the scorpion, it should be used in a good elasticity and firepower in a rush of 4Lb ~ 10LB. If the lines and 不 不 路 路 亚, the most influential first is the distance between the throwing distance and the stability of the throplet. Also, like this small and light road as a spinning wheel.

Another introduction is Crank Bait, its outer characteristics are large and fat, and the main body is more thin. The characteristics of its design are mainly exaggerated in swimming. There is also a little interesting is that every type of Lure has seawater and fresh water design, and only crank bait is a single fresh water design, and there is no seawater design. It can be said that Crank Bait is designed for fresh water fishing. A born road subordinate.

2, Bassday bone crank

This is a Japanese popular brand Bassday’s freshwater road sub, length 54mm, weight 9.2g, belonging to a floating crank bait. Features: What is bone crank, no bone is calculated to be bone crank, so Crank Bait makes unprecedented special design internally (there is an unique 3D stereo bone internally) looks clearly outside And do very meticulous, light is to look at this design, and it has been satisfied with visual enjoyment. There are several colors of bones and nightlights. When operating in the water, this 3D fish bone will be more realistic with the rush of Lu Asia with the rocking of Lu Asia.

In the use of attention: This road subcommitter avoidance is still possible, the depth of the dive is around one meter, so everyone is using this road to search at the bottom of the shallow water area. When it is not advisable to use too fast and too boiled, because it is not careful, it will make this beautiful road subunit, in the shallow water area without obstacles, slow macro or use The way is to present, I will work, I can let you detect underwater basic environments. Although the obstacle avoidance is not too strong, it is a very good feature that this Crank Bait is present in slow, medium speed, fast, etc. Your rhythm and speed. Rendering, face and can also be presented with super short and high frequencies, and the action that does not take place and is very stable. It is really a great Crank Bait.

4, Vibration (Templar-Barrier Asia)

A premium bait can be attacked by a full swimming layer by a fisherman. Suitable for the fishman to use a wide range of full aquatic layout object fish and the use of deep offensive. VIB is easier to identify and other premium baits in the top of the head or back of the connection of the pin. Why is it designed in the head and back, the purpose is to let the VIB can be impacted with water flow from the water flow to generate a strong tremor. This road is mainly based on the three categories of sorting, suspension, and floating water. However, the market is less likely, so this road is less suitable for newcomers, because the newcomer has many time to operate. Not mature, it is often easy to hang up.

5, Duel 3D VIB F-PPTNE

3D VIB is the product of Japanese Duel, length is 60mm, weight 11g, with attributes is Sinking. Its characteristics: You can easily see 3D stereoscopic design, which is very good, which is really good.

Attention to the use of the 3D VIB inside the 3D VIB and is very lightweight, it will not cause too much water and sound when the water is thrown, and will not be wrapped in the punctuation. The fish was scared. In addition, this road subsequently sinking is a state in which it is slowly sinking. It will not feel the more natural feelings at the bottom of the sinking. Many times, they will be held in the process of sinking. Its tremor is not the type of proy, plus the design of the beads is less and light, so this VIB is a natural VIB, unlike a different VIB, there is exaggerated sound and exaggerated action. .

In operation, you can use \”lock\” attack, which means that Lure will sink to the desired water layer, and then reclaim with a uniform speed. You can also use \”walk\” attack, meaning , Use your own operation to let Lure present the full swimming layer search attack of \”\” \”in the water. It is very important to pay attention to this 3D VIB to do a \”\” \”word search, because this road is slow, so the extra dotted line will be recycled after the raising, avoiding Lure in sinking. The hook card is engaged in a fishing line to the next wave of operation. D VIB is recognized as a seawater.

6, POPPER (Hedge Road Silver):

This previvalent is also a rectifier board, and most of the Popper’s quarterly has a cave. This concave hole is used to hit the water, and the sound comes to suck the fish to bite. As for Popper, there are floating and sinking points, but their purpose is also consistent (hitting water and manufacturing water and foam). Popper is more easy to operate, and only the fisherman is pulling and stopping in accordance with their own rhythm and law.

7, Poppermegabass Pop Max

This Megabass’s high-grade design of Popper, length: 78mm, weight 14g, attribute is floating (floating type). It is designed by Japanese brand megabass, fishing celebrities \”by East by tree\”. The temporary and exposed design makes this Popper awarded. Surface characteristics: In addition to the entire road of streamlined design, the most distinctive is the stroke of the quarters and the wishes. There are 6 holes in the nozzles and the wishes, and it is very serious and fine, it is simply an impeccable road as. At the end of Luya, there is also a fixed iron bead and a small squad that can be biased around. The former has greatly increased the distance and stability of the far. The latter can add a little loud sound in operation. In addition to the design of these 6 holes and the beads, all parts of the entire road are not two, it is true that there is no difference with true fish. Absolute.

Tips and pay attention to the hitting function of POP MAX is one, which will create strong water and foam when pulling the water, these water flowers and foam are from the number of quarters and 6 In addition, six through holes are manufactured, and in the process of pulling long, there will be a lot of bubbles in the eloquence, which is really like a vomiting. When there is no ripple, it can be rendered, slowly dragging, this road Asia will submerge the 250px, the body is slightly shaking, and it is more unexpectedly, it will take the novice and through hole The design makes a blister surrounded by its own range, looks like a \”energy protector\” in the appearance. In addition, this road may not only use the above two techniques, but also use the \”Dog Walk\” to render, a popper is like a pencil, I believe everyone is very small. Let’s do anything, it’s nothing, there is no uncoordinated problem. When using this method, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the fishing hand and Lure must cooperate very well. And the action is not good, it will not work.

8, Pencil Bait: (pencil \”

Pencil Bait’s biggest identification point is that the road is not a rectifier board, and most of them are long, body columns The long or long-faced nip type is like a pencil, so it is named. Pencil is a series of snakes that make a series of temptations in the water, thus making ripples and water waves, sound, etc. to tempt to the underwater object fish. This feeding is mainly divided into two categories, floating and sinking. In design, PenCIL also focuses on 90 degrees and water surfaces perpendicular to the water, 45 degrees to the water surface, 0 degrees and the surface of the surface, these points determine this Pencil’s \”walking\” size. Pencil bait can be said to be the highest road as the technical requirements in all Luren, you have to do a beautiful action to see your Kung Fu!

9, Bassda Mugul Pencil NS-8

[ 123] Mugul Pencil is the product, length: 80mm, weight: 8G, attribute: floating (floating type). Surface features: This Pencil Bait’s appearance and most of the Pencil’s appearance is not much, very ordinary, or it is very primitive, the most common Pencil Bait. It is only a better thing to do. Design Features: There is no design of the beads internally, and there is no design weight in the center of movement. It is not possible to get on the distance of the throplet. The angle of the water in the water is almost identical to the horizontal plane, that is, it is almost 0 degrees.

Operation and technical skills Mugul Pencil, although there is no fire, it is because of this reason, it is more delicate and quiet when it falls water, which greatly reduces the interpolation of underwater fish. The operation of the manner is a wide range of operations, and a series of movements can be made with fast recycling (with Pencil Bait’s operational techniques), or use slow techniques (with Pencil Bait’s operational techniques), look down. Due to its design of its in-water angle, this road Asia can almost make a large \”之\” word when the water is presented.

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