Road sub-fishing method

With Luren fishing fishing, there are many aspects, there are many aspects, first is the object of fish, not any fish can use the road sub-fishing method: second in the habit of fish, Due to different habitual predation methods and living laws, Lu Asian fishing is only effective for fish with predatory behavior: The third is that the time to go to the Summer and early morning and evening in the late spring and late summer season.

1, how to use the Road Asian Fishing

First, you should understand the food and habits of fish, as many fish may have common food and habits, but their respective favorite foods. There are many kinds of roads, different shapes, shrimp, fish, frog, and insect shapes. Such as insect roads (ie, insect roads made from silk or poultry feathers), used in fly fishing methods or streams, mainly fishing some individual smaller fish such as peach floral cavity (fragrant fish), Honggong , Wide groom, red hair, horses, freshwater grouper, and nose. Fiscal Road Asia (fish-shaped) made from bamboo slices, plastic, metal and other materials, mainly fishing, [fish Zong] fish, dog fish, red tail, fish, etc. large fierce freshwater fish, It can also be used in sea fishing, fishing, tuna, squid and other marine fish.

2, Luren selection skills

Using Luren fishing is not all Luren, its premise is the size, shape, color of Lure, must meet the food of the fishing object fish And habits, the time of fishing is in line with the predation time of the female fish. Although Luya fishing object fish is relatively wide, you must pay attention to the season and bait. If you use a grasshopper, use the grasshopper, and don’t conform to the food of the squid. Of course, you can’t constitute the temptation of the squid, even if you work in a holiday. Although the squid has predatory behavior, it still has visual and feel. In other words, Lure only has a must-have bait, and there is a possibility that the fish’s food and predatory behavior is likely to catch. Therefore, using the premise and skills of the choice of Lure is whether Lure uses whether it is route. General practice is: fishing with fish and shrimp bait when fishing, and when fishing is reddling, it can be bait with shrimp type bait, and insect bait can also be used. It is also necessary to decide according to the surrounding environment and season of the fish, with fishing? Fish as an example, after the daily summer is solarin, use the shrimp road as followed by the shrimp road; after the fall (Bai Lu) The effect of insect roads is significantly better than shrimp road.

Because, as the temperature changes in this period, the temperature is gradually high to low, a large number of small animals and insects that are not suitable for low temperatures are constantly falling from the air from the air. This ruling reel allows meat fish in the process of predating during the growth process. Thus, the meat fish and other meat fish are more interested in insects struggled in the water meter. Of course, Lure is only a premise of catching a place, not necessarily, because the meat-raised predator is only interested in road Asia with dynamics and cognition.

3, Lure’s throwing skills

Using Lure not only needs to have a pair, but also must have a certain dynamic. The meat fish in the natural waters has a strong autonomous predation ability, which does not rely on the bait, only for the bait with a dynamic. Therefore, when Lure is thrown into a fishing point, the fishing guard should control the fishedell line to properly collect line, grasp a certain movement law, and strive to change the \”dumping\” in the water, and the more violent fishing effect of Lu Asia The better it will.

4 Predatting on the shore, only in the scope of the fish group near the shore, Luren, can be fostered in fishing. Therefore, using Luren fishing, don’t miss the morning and evening. Lure fishing can not be never, and it can also be a well. In the past, most people used the road sub-fishing method, although they were not well, but every time the gains were not bad. From a scientific point of view, the effect of the nest is better than that.

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